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 Build your own villa.......

If you are not interested living in a complex , if you are looking for a bit more privacy , if you want a fresh big garden with no neigbor disturbance then we can help you to built your dream house.

It works like this :

1-Customer tells us which location he is interested in mediteranian  area, if he doesnt know the location well then we need to know what is important for you a)you want to be close to town ? b)sea view ? c)shopping centers? d)Size of the land ? Then we have an idea and we will find several choices for you.

2-Customer tell us about what kind of villa he wants , a)Private swimming pool ? b)How many bedrooms , bathrooms ? c) Private Garage ? d)Big private garden ? e)Approx, total indoor and outdoor area as m2 ?


Once we have these information and you aggreed on location then we will make projects for you.We will send you the house  plans and projects of the house and what will be the cost and when it will be ready.All the legal issues or ext wont bother you , you will just take your bags and get in.


please check our examples.....


Our Project

Our Service Concept 



We would like to ensure that you have everything ready and waiting for you when you arrive at your property so that your holiday starts in your dream home as relaxing and comfortable as possible.
To make your life easier and allow you enjoy an enviable new lifestyle, BEST SUN HOMES would be glad to offer you assistance with the above services with a certain charge




BEST SUN HOMEScan assist you for insurance of your property. There are 2 types of insurance: One of them is called DASK ( compulsory earthquake insurance) Although Alanya and Belek are not in the earthquake zone, all the properties must be insured with DASK and this insurance is done after issuing title deed, while paying the settlement fee.After that it must be renewed every year. It only covers some of the declared value of a property. The second type is private insurance package which covers % 100 of the property for earthquake together with DASK, theft, flooding,fire, glass breackage and damages coused by it etc.
To have your property insured, you have to have a Turkish tax number ( must be obtained during official purchasing paperworks), you also have to declare total value of your furniture, white goods etc.We can do this insurance even during your absence. 
BEST SUN HOMES gives this service to all of the customers for 1 year after handover of the keys. After that it will be offered to those only who has bought property management service from us.
We will keep your documents in our office and in case of any event, we will act on your behalf according to the Turkish laws.


Would you like to rent your home while you are away and earn on your investment? Rental income depends on the size and location of your property, BEST SUN HOMES will be able to undertake the rental of your property. We will advertise the property in the rent section of our website. We will make a checklist of inventory and get the house (wash sheets & towels) cleaned before and after guests use and check the property before quests leave to ensure all is in good order.
Property inspection 
BEST SUN HOMES team will ensure that you safeguard your investment by making routine property checks on your behalf and reporting back to you.

Garden  and Pool Keeping

We will ensure that your garden and pool are in excellent condition so that when you arrive you don’t have to spend your first day cutting and weeding the garden and filling up the pool!
Cleaning service
Would you to start your holiday in a fresh clean house? Upon request we arrange daily cleaning service.

Starter pack

We can arrange a starter pack for you consisting of essential foodstuff (eg: tea/coffee, milk, sugar, bread etc) and/or cleaning goods so that when you arrive at your property you do not have to rush for shopping.

Technical arrangements

Upon your request we can assist you with installation of satellite dish, Telephone & Internet line, etc.  
Annual Tax Payment for the property  
If you don’t want to get involved with bureaucracy or pay interest because you couldn’t make on time, we can assist you with payment of your annual property tax. Based on the values declared of that year, there is a tax of 0,1% to be paid for residences and 0,3% for land to be paid annually to the Municipalities.


We have a team of highly skilled and experienced contractor/architect and builders at your disposal. Should you decide to do any alterations or extensions to your property, we will supply a quote for the services you require and therefore progress upon request.
Our services include: 
Installation of kitchens and bathrooms
Conversion of rooms to terraces
Design & build winter gardens
Installation of security grills
Design & construction of swimming pools
Carpenter work
Electrical works 
Roof maintenance
Bathroom design, installation and finishing 


Where to build 
To build the house of your dreams, you first need to find a land suitable for your expectations. That process is a very important one not only because choosing the land is a very subjective matter but also that the construction permissions of the land you are planning to buy is shaping the design of the house you would require our assistance to construct. Therefore it is very important to have a professional assistance in finding the right land.
Design your own home
If you want to let us build on the land you bought via us or another real estate agent then we discuss the different possibilities with you. Within the limits of the building permit of your land you have bought, we will work on different designs based on your desires to make up your dream home. Your choices will then be processed in the construction drawings by our architect. After the approval of the construction plans by the local authorities you will receive a building permit. 
Contract with a solicitor 
At this stage, with a certain fee a solicitor will prepare a contract defining the terms of our agreement that you will sign with our contractor who will build the houses.  
Supervision of construction 
During the building stage a recognized supervisor will control the building activities. Also one of our team-members will measure the position of the activities and inform you and the buyers.  
Payment of the building activities will be done in terms that will be defined by the contractor and will proceed in line with the contract. Every time a payment needs to be done, a status report of the construction will be reported to the buyer and checked against the contract by us then the buyer will receive a request of payment. 
Final checks 
When your house is completed you will receive an invitation to inspect the house together to check if there are deficiencies. At this stage, notes will be taken and we will do our very best to solve these deficiencies. 
Key transfer
When the buyer has finished his financial duties, final checks done and possible deficiencies remedied, then he will receive the keys of his new house.
Termination of legal procedures 
After the key transfer, we will handle all the legal procedures in getting the residence permit and finally the title deed (TAPU) transfer to the name of the buyer. 
Project development 
With project development, we assist you at every stage of a project to shape your investment by constructing complexes, houses or hotels according to your budget and target markets. Quality is the most important aspect for us and that is what we offer you.
We first assist you in finding a plot of land that is suitable for your investment plans. At this stage we will guide you about building concepts, the feasibility and exploitation of the project. We will provide you house plans in accordance with the demands of the target market and calculate the total investment costs.



Our Service Concept